Case Studies


RFA Engine Room Fan Refurbishment Case Study

Posted by Pete Woodward on April 14, 2021

Mawdsleys BER recently secured a contract to refurbish engine room fans to support the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Cluster Team. The boat, which was in dock for scheduled maintenance required a complete refurbishment of its 24” Axial Flow Engine Room Fans. As a result of continued investment, in-house industry expertise, and a fully equipped workshop,… Read more »


Overhaul of a Leroy Somer Motor which had Flashed Over

Posted by berdev on February 18, 2020

Recently, we were contracted by a drive Company to investigate a fault on a 170kW DC motor. The Leroy Somer motor had been in operation for some time but had suddenly ‘flashed-over’. This term is used when there is arcing from the positive brush arms to the negative brush arms or to earth. If this… Read more »


Astute Class Submarine Motor Repair Case Study

Posted by Pete Woodward on June 1, 2018

Naval Motor Repair! Astute Class Submarine – Dresser Root LP Blower Motor failure Mawdsleys BER recently took receipt of subject motor that had failed due to operational issues on a compressor on a Astute Class submarine. Failure of the compressor had a detrimental effect on the Mawdsley’s (OEM) motor causing it also to fail. The… Read more »


Manufacturing Company Swindon

Posted by Pete Woodward on January 9, 2018

For manufacturing businesses that rely on their production plant to be fully operational one machine


Mawdsleys Win Port Tender For The Repair Of 9 Electrical Motors

Posted by Pete Woodward on October 25, 2017

Mawdsleys are delighted to have recently completed a motor repair tender for a large port in Falmouth involving the repair of 9 motors, fans, pumps, compressor motors and associated equipment. These types of motor repair tenders require fast and competitive quotes with an even faster turnaround. Find out more about the equipment and procedures we… Read more »


Mawdsleys Win 3 Year Overhaul Contract For Great Western Railway

Posted by Pete Woodward on August 15, 2017

Mawdsleys are delighted to announce the acquisition of an overhaul contract with a local business partner for the receipt of up to 3 DC motors per week from Great Western Railway. We often deal with both AC and DC traction motors, generators, alternators and associated equipment for fault investigation, repair and overhauls. These types of… Read more »


DC Motor with Sparking and Rapid Brush Wear

Posted by berdev on March 12, 2017

A DC shunt motor has been returned to us for investigation with reports of sparking under the carbon brushes and with the brushes wearing rapidly. The motor appeared to be in good condition with no obvious signs of a fault. Our Engineer carried out a thorough investigation into the possible reasons for the problem and… Read more »


Traction Motor Investigations & Overhauls

Posted by berdev on November 29, 2016

Traction motors are machines that convert rotational torque into a linear motion e.g electric vehicles, forklift trucks, elevators, conveyors etc.  The motors are heavy duty and able to withstand frequent high torque loads. Our customers regularly send us both AC and DC traction motors for fault investigation, repair or overall.  On this occasion an ELMO 5.5kw… Read more »


Emergency Flood Services and Pumping Equipment Repair

Posted by Mawdsleys on November 8, 2016

Mawdsleys provide emergency flood services as part of our ongoing contract for the Highways Agency Area 2.  Our pump service engineers are on call 24/7, 365 days a year providing emergency flood protection. Our contract is to maintain service, repair and react to breakdown situations concerning pumping equipment and emergency flood services throughout the network…. Read more »

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