Motor Drives and Controls

Drives and Controls from Mawdsleys can play a major part in helping to reduce and monitor energy consumption. Here at Mawdsleys we understand the environmental impact of motors that are not working to their optimum efficiency. We know Variable Speed Drive’s (VSD) have the potential to make energy savings and increase profitability in almost every sector of UK business.

Reducing energy use obviously makes perfect business sense, it reduces costs, increases profit margin and it helps in the fight against climate change.  Features such as soft starting reduce excessive stresses being placed on the motor and drive train, which can prolong equipment life.

We have invested time and training to understand how we can implement Variable speed drives on to various applications to make these savings.  Different options are available to suit a variety of applications. Basic VSD designs are used in simple applications such as fan and pump control whereas more complex versions are used for very precise speed and torque control. Using a VSD to slow down a fan or pump motor from 100% to 80% can save as much as 50% on energy use.

From Variable Speed Drives and Inverter Drives to SERVO Drives and Drive Accessories we’re there to offer advice and solutions to all of your drive requirements. With Drives and Controls being readily available, contact us today.

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