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For manufacturing businesses that rely on their production plant to be fully operational one machine out of order, even for a short span of time, can have a severe impact on their ability to meet delivery timelines for their customers.

Recently one of our Swindon based customers, who operates a food processing plant, had an issue when one of their main conveyors ceased to work. This conveyor was an integral part of the production process and without it operational the entire process slowed down and became over reliant on their second conveyor.  The faulty conveyor was operated by a DC motor, an ideal motor to use where adjustable speeds and constant or low-speed torques are required.

The motor required an external specialist engineer with knowledge and skills of working with that particular type of motor to review the extent of the issue and offer an immediate solution so that full production could recommence as quickly as practical.

Using the emergency 24/7 contact number the customer called us whereby we immediately dispatched an engineer who was on site in Swindon within 60 minutes of that initial call.  Upon arrival at the manufacturing plant he carried out a full inspection and diagnostics to understand the extent of the problem. In this case the fault was due to carbon brush wear, which can be due to electrical underloading, overloading, winding faults, voltage surges, sparking or issues with the commutator.

Providing technical support combined with the tooling and replacement equipment necessary to remedy the issue the engineer had the DC motor back in full working order that day.

Over the years we have seen many businesses operating DC motors developing similar issues.  However through regular inspection and maintenance such issues can be avoided.  Regular repair and maintenance of carbon brushes will prolong the life of a DC motor.

It really is critical for businesses that rely on rotating electrical machinery to drive their operation to have the right Service Level Agreement for maintenance in place to negate against such issues.  We offer this service to all our customers and through regular inspection ensure there is no unnecessary or avoidable production or manufacturing downtime within their operations.

For more complex issues there could easily be a requirement to remove the motor due to the extent of the problem and repair it offsite.  Our state of the art premises and test bed facilities, located in Bristol, ensures that we can deliver a wide range of production processes required for rotating electrical machines and pumps and can offer the solution our customers need to keep their businesses running.

National 24/7 Emergency Callout Service

Our emergency services are operated on a UK wide basis and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing a fast and efficient emergency breakdown service for customers nationwide.

To find out how we can help with all types of rotating electrical machinery or pump related issues please contact us on 0117 9552481 or alternatively complete our Contact us form and one of our team will be in touch.

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