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Thank you for your interest in working with Mawdsleys, we welcome applications from professionally qualified people with experience in any of our areas of expertise. If you are interested in joining us, please send a copy of your CV to enquiries@mawdsleysber.com

Current Vacancies 

M&E Services Project Manager

M&E Site Services Engineer

Water Hygiene Engineer

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer

Apprenticeships at Mawdsleys

There is an acute shortage of experienced engineers to Rewind and Repair Electric Motors and Generators. Electric motors drive pumps for water, compressors for industrial air and fridges, lifts in offices and hotels, fans and pumps in heating systems, and the machinery in factories. Without motors the world would stop!

Gas, oil, and water are all pumped by electric motors. Ships generate their own power, which drive the propulsion motors. Trams, trains, cranes, and forklifts are driven by traction motors. Power stations and Wind-farms need their power generators and electric motors maintained and repaired.

At Mawdsleys, all of our apprentices spend there first year training at Loughborough College as well as on the job training here at our Bristol Workshop.

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