AC Motor Rewinds & Repairs

AC Motor repairs and rewinds are the  principle M&E services we specialise in here at  Mawdsleys. Furthermore, we understand that when any AC Motor failure occurs, it  can have a serious impact on both yours and your customers businesses.

Our skilled and qualified M&E Engineers have many years’ experience  working with all different types and sizes of AC  motors.  We can repair, refurbish and rewind your AC Motor within an agreed lead time – ensuring minimal disruption.

We provide complete rewinds for motors of all sizes, from 1kW to over 1,000kW using industry verified quality processes and operating procedures.

Ac Motor sales rewinds and repairs at mawdsleys BER

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    Please be advised: We exclusively handle enquiries for commercial electric motors within the UK, with the exception of specialist naval and marine applications.

    Full Mechanical and Electrical Inspection

    With a network of couriers at our disposal, we can collect or you can deliver to our Motor Repair Facility based in the South West. Your AC motor is given full traceability as part of our ISO 9001:20015 Accreditation.

    A full mechanical and electrical  inspection is carried out, with results recorded highlighting the required scope of repair to your AC motor.

    The AC Motor winding is checked for faults, resistance, and insulation quality. If a fault is found in the stator, it is then rewound to the exact specification using high grade enameled copper wire and impregnated to the correct class of insulating varnish.

    The rotor is then checked for condition and balance. Mechanically, the motor dimensions and tolerances are confirmed.

    Why Choose Mawdsleys for your Motor Rewind?

    We are AC motor rewind experts offering nationwide coverage, our benefits to customers include:

    • In house expertise including rewinds team, machine shop, and balancing
    • State of the art test facility
    • Nationwide coverage from our workshop in the South West
    • Quality of repair – all repairs are tested and repaired to the manufacturer’s specification
    • All work is recorded on a detailed job card and logged in our digital system. We keep an asset register of serviced equipment
    • Repair service includes a one year guarantee
    • All rotating items are balanced to G1.0 balance grade
    • All bearing journals and housings will be measured to ISO tolerances.
    • Your AC motor is given full traceability as part of our  ISO Standard 9001:2015

    Fast Support

    Fully Accredited

    National Coverage

    In-house Workshop

    Common Faults With AC Motors 

    We often see the same faults with AC motors, below and some of the most common faults with AC motors and how you can identify them.



    Open Circuit on Windings Motor Buzzes or Hums and won’t work
    Earth Fault Motor Dead and won’t work
    Bearing Failing Noise, Vibration, Excess Heat on Drive End or Non Drive End
    Bearing Collapse Shaft Damage, Core Damage, Winding Damage
    Rotor Problems Movement in Shaft, Bearing Journals undersized
    Misalignment Premature Coupling Failures, Vibration of Motor
    Bent Shaft Premature Bearing Failures, Vibration

    Our AC Motor Rewind Process 

    Our AC motor rewind process is as follows:

        1. On receipt of your motor, a full mechanical and electrical  inspection is carried out, with results recorded highlighting the required scope of repair to your AC motor
        2. If the motor can’t be removed, our site services team can carry out repairs in situ
        3. We then test the windings for earth & resistance readings
        4. The motor windings are then stripped
        5. Core is cleaned before being re-insulated
        6. Wind coils using the exact specification using high grade enamelled copper wire
        7. Inserts into slot
        8. The coils are connected
        9. Windings are then tested for earth & resistance
        10. impregnated to the correct class of insulating varnish
        11. Windings are then stoved
        12. The motor is then re-assembled with new bearings, O-rings and gaskets
        13. The rotor is then checked for condition and balanced
        14. Finally, the motor is testing in our state of the art test facility.

    Repair or Replace?

    If your AC motor does fail, companies may experience downtime on production – which can be costly. When faced with this problem, businesses must decide between repairing, rewinding or replacing their motor, here are a few things to consider when making this decision:

    Who We Work With

    Working with a varied client base, ranging from small private firms to major blue chip companies, we know how important delivering  quality work to a set budget and agreed lead time is. Sectors we often work with include:

    AC Motor Rewind Experts 

    We offer our M&E Services to businesses across the UK, offering  national coverage. To find out how we can help with your AC Motor Repair, please contact us on 0117 9552481 or alternatively you can fill in our Contact us form and we’ll get back to you.

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