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Motor Carbon Brushes

Our Carbon Brushes are available from stock or made to order in the UK. We can supply all grades, sizes and configurations of brushes for industrial electric motors.

If a stock brush won’t do, our brushes can be designed specifically to suit your requirements whatever size motor you have, Mawdsleys can supply the correct Carbon Brush to meet your needs.

Unsure what carbon brush you require? Our Identification service means you can select the best brush replacement to keep your motor running efficiently for longer.

Call now on 0117 955 2481 for expert advice.

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    Choosing the Right Carbon Brush

    The selection of the correct carbon brush grade can greatly influence the performance and life of a motor, but selecting the right Carbon Brush for your motor can be difficult. This is why we pride ourselves on our identification process, taking as little as 2/3 working days this process is essential in selecting an exact replacement to get the best from your motor.

    When to Replace Your Carbon Brush

    Because carbon brushes are subject to abrasion from the moving parts in motors, over time they wear down and need replacing, this is what leads to under performance and eventual failure of your motor. You should consider replacing the carbon brushes in your motor if you notice any of the following:

    To get the best out of your motor, our brushes can be manufactured specifically to suit your requirements for all kinds of Appliances, Tools, DC motors and Generators.

    Carbon Brush Holders

     Carbon brush holders are an essential part of the motor, allowing the carbon brush to make full contact with the commutator.

    At Mawdsleys, we stock and supply a complete range of carbon brush holders, whether you need to install brush holders in new machines or replace existing holders.

    Our holders ensure that carbon brushes are securely held against the commutator for optimal performance and are suitable for all types of motors, generators, alternators and other rotating equipment.

    Where required, we can manufacture both carbon brush holders and carbon brushes for your bespoke requirements.

    Why Choose Mawdsleys?

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    Carbon Brush Wear

    At Mawdsleys, we offer on-site advice on carbon brush wear in your DC motors. This process enables us to determine the health of your carbon brushes, whether they are installed correctly and if they may be due for a replacement.

    Give us a call on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form to discuss your need and arrange a visit from one of our engineers.

    If you are unsure about the model of carbon brush you need replacing, please see our specifications PDF

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