Electric Motor Stator Rewinds

Loss of power or efficiency in an AC / DC motor or generator can have a devastating impact on the productivity and profitability of a business. Stators are a key component within rotating equipment and should be regularly maintained to avoid unexpected breakdown and underperformance.

At Mawdsleys, we can offer a full motor rewind and refurbishments service, including the rewinding and repair of motor stators and associated equipment. If your motor stator is in need of repair or rewind, call us today on 0117 955 2481 for a prompt response.

Our Stator Rewinding Service

Our stator rewind service includes:

Should your stator be beyond the point of feasible repair, we can recommend a new make and model of stator based on your requirements.

Common Faults In Stators  

Some of the most common faults in motors that cause stator underperformance or failure are:

Winding Faults – These are usually caused by poor insulation of the stator winding which results in the motor short-circuiting.

Mechanical Faults – Mechanical faults are very common but generally avoidable with proper maintenance. Common mechanical problems are caused by loose bearings, improper installation, poor alignment of motor and high vibration levels in motor.

Thermal Stress – Thermal stress results in the deterioration of the stator winding’s insulation. Thermal stress can be caused by overloading, unbalanced voltage, obstructed ventilation and electrical faults.

Environmental Issues – One of the most overlooked factors that contribute to stator failure is their environment, a work area that’s too hot, cold or humid can result in stator breakdown. Additionally, any dust or debris that contaminates the equipment can result in overheating.

Fully Stocked In-House Workshop

We can offer nationwide coverage from our Bristol based workshop which includes a state of the art rewind and overhauls department, here we have industry leading equipment which allows our expert engineers to carry out work with maximum efficiency.

Additionally, we hold stock to spares and parts for all makes and models of electric motor and generator in-house, meaning you won’t be left waiting for a part to arrive.

Talk to the Experts

If you’re experiencing a problem with your motor or generator’s stator, we can help. We can provide industry-leading stator rewinds, with a prompt turnaround on service UK wide.

For more information, give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

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