Case Studies


Commutator Repair

Posted by berdev on September 12, 2016

A uniform and light surface skin or patina formation on the commutator indicates that the machine and brushes are working well. This film can be damaged in service resulting in a commutator with raw grooved or streaked surface, flat spots, ridges, copper dragging, burning, bar marking or patchiness. These can be caused by many conditions… Read more »


How to Re-Install a sewage pump using a single guide rail system

Posted by berdev on September 11, 2016

Mawdsleys Pump Services engineer re-installing a small single sewage pump into position using a single guide rail system. These works are undertaken on a Planned Maintenance contract for all pumps at one of our customers sites in the South West of England. This is a simple process of lifting the pump using the chain and… Read more »


DC hoist, Shunt Motor is Overhauled and Updated

Posted by berdev on June 4, 2016

This DC shunt motor has been returned for a scheduled overhaul and remedial works to fit thermal protection. The motor is 15 years old and has been held as a spare for the in-service DC motor which is still in operation after 25 years.  The application justifies holding a spare motor due to the very… Read more »


Repairs to DC Motor from Plastics Machinery

Posted by berdev on May 18, 2016

This Mawdsley’s DC motor was originally sold to a Plastics Engineering Company in 1999, for the manufacture of Packaging materials. Its basic rating is 28.9kW at 1760rpm when supplied with 460 volts to the armature. The motor developed a fault and was sent to us for further investigation. Our Engineers found several issues needing attention,… Read more »


Packaged Pump Station Replacement

Posted by berdev on March 28, 2016

Over the last few years our pump maintenance and repair division have been servicing one of our key customer’s packaged pump stations in Wiltshire. Over recent visits, our engineers had noticed and reported that the fibre glass pumping chamber was starting to fail and becoming distorted, blistering and leaking in places. With the station only… Read more »


Supply of Replacement 4.4 KW DC Motor

Posted by Pete Woodward on January 30, 2016

When a customer needed to replace an existing DC motor from their plastic extrusion plant in a particular frame size they contacted electrical motor specialist Mawdsleys who were able to help. The client specifically required the new motor to achieve 4.4KW. One of our stock of new DC motors had the exact mechanical configuration but… Read more »


Carbon Brush Replacement

Posted by Pete Woodward on January 24, 2016

We received a DC Motor in for a standard overhaul. This overhaul included Electrical Testing, Wash & Stove of the Windings, Skim & Undercut of the Commutator and Dynamic Balancing of the Armature.  We supplied and fit new Seals, Drive and Non Drive End Bearings. Following the overhaul the DC Motor was then assembled ready… Read more »



Posted by berdev on September 3, 2015

The equipment to be repaired was a 40 year old motor generator set. The unit could not be replaced because of its unusual design and complexity. A full strip and survey was carried out to find the cause of failure and recommendations made to bring the unit back to a serviceable condition. This MG set… Read more »


Naval Application Motor Repair

Posted by berdev on July 26, 2015

MOTOR SPECIFICATION FOR THE REPAIR / OVERHAUL / REFURBISHMENT OF IN SERVICE A.C. AND D.C. MOTORS TO DEFENCE AND BRITISH STANDARDS – ISSUE 21  Our engineers have been busy this week with strip & survey of various types of Naval application AC & DC Electric Motors. Upon receipt of the unit into our Bristol Workshop,… Read more »

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