Carbon Brush Wear

Carbon Brush SparesMawdsleys can now offer on site advice concerning “Carbon Brush Wear” on your DC Motors. By reviewing your Carbon Brushes we are able to determine if the Brushes are installed correctly, giving problem free operation or if the Brushes have signs of wear or damage due to electrical under loading, overloading, winding faults, voltage surges, sparking or issues with the commutator.

Causes Of Carbon Brush Wear

What Happens When Carbon Brushes Wear?

Carbon is a soft metal and brushes are designed to wear out over time, the reason a soft metal is used is to reduce the amount of damage caused to the commutator through friction.

Once the carbon brushes are completely worn the motor will begin to underperform before failing – running a motor with worn carbon brushes can result in extensive damage to the motor.

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