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Does Your Electric Motor Need a Rewind?

Slip Ring with Burnt Rotor Windings

If your motor has stopped working or is nuisance tripping then you may be able to diagnose the problem by performing a few basic checks. Before starting with the investigation it would be worth noting the general condition of the motor. Look for broken mounts/parts, signs of burning/carbon, contamination from various sources (water, oil, grease,… Read more »

AC Motors – Rewind and Repair

Ac motor rewind and repair

AC Motors are everywhere, from household appliances such as water pumps and refrigerators to industry equipment such conveyor belts, right through to pumps on Navy warships. AC motors are electric motors which are driven by an alternating current (AC) as opposed to a direct current that drives DC Motors. An AC motor generally consists of… Read more »

What Repairs Can be Done to Keep Special Motors Running

The decision to repair or replace a failed motor is usually made by the Customer based on the costs and availability of a new unit. For a commercial grade motor this is a straightforward process as availability is not an issue, however for special motors, extensive repair work may be the only feasible option. Here… Read more »