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How To Read a Motor Nameplate

Found on all types of electric motor, the motor nameplate provides information about the motor’s construction and performance characteristics. Whilst motor standards are established on a country by country basis, most motors fall under the two main industry bodies: the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and their nameplates adhere… Read more »

Does Your Electric Motor Need a Rewind?

Slip Ring with Burnt Rotor Windings

If your motor has stopped working or is nuisance tripping then you may be able to diagnose the problem by performing a few basic checks. Before starting with the investigation it would be worth noting the general condition of the motor. Look for broken mounts/parts, signs of burning/carbon, contamination from various sources (water, oil, grease,… Read more »

What’s The Real Cost Of a Motor Repair or Rewind?

Food manufacturing plant

If your operation depends on an electric motor, you’ll understand the importance of ensuring consistent motor performance to the required standard to keep your business profitable. You’ll also no doubt understand how disruptive an unplanned electric motor rewind or repair can be to your business. At Mawdsleys, we’ve carried out hundreds of motor repairs, rewinds… Read more »