Production and Manufacturing Industries

AC and DC motor performance is an imperative factor on a production line. Under performance or breakdown can be devastating for a business, resulting in thousands in lost revenue, unfulfilled orders and even temporary or permanent closure of the business.

At Mawdsleys, we understand the importance of motors, generators and associated equipment in factories, production and assembly lines and have been a trusted partner for the production and manufacturing Industries for over 30 years.

Throughout that time, we have worked with manufacturers of various different products including paper, dairy, food and drinks, vehicles, plastics, ensuring that their motors, generators and other essential mechanical and electric equipment is in optimal condition.

Our Production and Manufacturing Services

AC and DC Motor Repair and Rewind

Our in-house workshop allows us to complete repairs, rewinds and refurbishments of both AC and DC motors at a competitive price and quick turnaround.

As part of our service contracts, we can routinely accept motors for rewinds, repairs, overhauls and check-ups to reduce the risk of unexpected breakdown; we often take on service contracts for larger clients such as Great Western Railway who deliver 3 DC motors per week to our in-house workshop for a full overhaul.

In addition to our repair and rewinds service, we are capable of the design and manufacture of any AC or DC motor to your bespoke requirements – with noise and vibration levels made to your specifications.

Overhaul of DC motor

Noise and Vibration Testing

Using our state of the art noise and vibration testing machine, we are able to measure the mechanical or electrical faults in a motor as they develop – allowing us to diagnose and repair any issues that may cause breakdown down the line.

This type of preventative maintenance is recommended in industries like this where business operations are almost wholly dependent on a motor.

Generator Repairs

When generators fail, it can be absolutely devastating for a business. Not only is Mawdsleys competent in the repair of any kind of generator including AC and DC, we are also able to provide onsite analysis and emergency breakdown cover to have you back up and running again as soon as possible.

Large Stock Of Spares

In addition to our repair and rewind services, we hold stock of a huge range of spares and replacement parts for motors, drives and pumps including carbon brushes, slip rings, mechanical seals, brush rings and much more.

Our huge stock of spare parts gives customers the peace of mind that we will almost always have the right part ready to deliver a quick turnaround on any work.

Talk To The Experts

If you are looking to ensure motors, generators and other associated equipment are performing at an optimal level on your production or assembly line through the use of a trusted partner, or are experiencing a breakdown, – we can help.

Give one of our expert team a call on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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