M&E Services at Mawdsleys

Mawdsleys offers an all-encompassing Repair and Overhaul Service. We are able to repair, rewind, and replace motors, pumps, generators and all rotating electrical equipment.

We are a key service provider within the Mechanical & Electrical Service Sector, offering a comprehensive range of M&E services, specialising in the repair, refurbishment and overhaul of AC & DC Motors, AC & DC Motor Rewinds, Pumps and Generators. Our services allow us to offer spares such as carbon brushes, replacement AC & DC Motors, Variable Speed Drives, click on the following for a full list of our Spares

We are experts at sourcing and repairing mechanical and electrical obsolete parts, with the ability to manufacture new electric motor shafts, replacement AC or DC coils, and the re-engineering of all types of AC and DC Motors.

We are able to strip and survey all types of AC and DC Motors, Pumps, and Generators providing you with detailed reports, highlighting what repair is needed to refurbish your motor, pump or generator. Our M&E Site Service department offers a complete installation, preventative maintenance and repair service, including 24-hour emergency call-out.

From advising on energy-saving, to refurbishing older equipment to a high standard, we are here to ensure that your business runs smoothly and economically. To discuss how we can work together, please contact us on 0117 955 2481 or by email at: enquiries@mawdsleysber.com

At a Glance

    • Reverse engineering allowing us to increase the life of your equipment
    • Manufacture bespoke, low noise & vibration AC & DC Motors to end user specification
    • Repair, Overhaul and service all types of rotating electrical equipment
    • Site service department, allowing on site repairs & installation
    • Energy saving advise to help drive down your overheads
    • In House Electrical Repair department


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