Shaft Repair and Manufacture

Shaft Manufacture in our Workshops

Here at Mawdsleys, we can machine many types of motor shaft to compliment our machine repair service. With our experience in high grade Naval equipment we understand the importance of producing high quality and closely toleranced parts. With our own machining facilities we can respond quickly when needed and manufacture on an urgent basis.

All of our shafts are machined and final inspected by our own Engineers  to ensure compliance with the required specification.

Electric Motor Drive Shaft Replacement

A drive shaft can be damaged by improper use, overload, wear or lack of care and maintenance. Typically, we see several types of damage such as worn bearing journals, poor threads, keyways and threads damaged. In some cases the shaft can be repaired, however, in many circumstances it is necessary to replace the entire shaft.

 AC Motor Shaft

Depending on the application, these shafts are generally steel or stainless steel. They consist of various  machined diameters which may be finished with keyways, grooves or threads. For motors with low vibration targets, the bearing journals may be final ground once the rotor is built up.

DC motor shaft

These are similar to the AC motor shaft in terms of the machining needed. However, the DC motor is more complex in construction due to the fitting of a commutator. This often has to be disconnected from the armature winding and removed before the shaft can be pressed out.  In certain circumstances the armature will require a rewind once the shaft and commutator are rebuilt.

Shaft Repair

motor shaft on a lathe to repair it Bristol

If the shaft has worn bearing journals, fan seating or drive connection diameters, then these can be reclaimed without the removal of the shaft from its assembly. The shaft is machined to allow for the addition of the plating, which is carried out by a Specialist Company.  Once completed, the shaft is final machined to the correct size.

If you have a motor which needs a replacement shaft then please call us on 0117 955 2481 to discuss the options available.

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