Traction Motor Investigations & Overhauls

Traction motors are machines that convert rotational torque into a linear motion e.g electric vehicles, forklift trucks, elevators, conveyors etc.  The motors are heavy duty and able to withstand frequent high torque loads.

Our customers regularly send us both AC and DC traction motors for fault investigation, repair or overall.  On this occasion an ELMO 5.5kw AC motor was returned to us to investigate the cause of a mechanical noise.

The motor was run up and the noise was quickly identified as coming from the drive end bearing. The motor was dismantled, cleaned and the windings were tested for insulation resistance. During re-assembly, new bearings with special sensors were sourced and fitted. The motor was re-tested and ran smoothly without the previous noise.

The motor was delivered back to the Customer earlier than anticipated, within 48 hours and with a low 3 hour labour cost.

We also received a Schabmuller 1.7kw 24 volt DC traction motor for fault investigation and repair. Although the motor was operational, its performance had been gradually declining for some time.

Once dismantled, the motor windings were tested and proved satisfactory. Further inspection revealed that the commutator was a potential cause of the problem, with flat spots and burning on several areas of its surface. The commutator was brought back to an ‘as new’ condition by a skim and undercut. The motor was thoroughly cleaned, re-assembled with new bearings and brushes. The motors performance was returned to its original values.

For more information about the repair and overhaul of traction motors, contact the team at Mawdsleys on 0117 955 2481 or complete our online enquiry form.

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