What’s The Real Cost Of a Motor Repair or Rewind?

If your operation depends on an electric motor, you’ll understand the importance of ensuring consistent motor performance to the required standard to keep your business profitable. You’ll also no doubt understand how disruptive an unplanned electric motor rewind or repair can be to your business.

At Mawdsleys, we’ve carried out hundreds of motor repairs, rewinds and refurbishments over the years, some of which have only been required as ongoing maintenance was neglected.

So what’s the real cost of a motor rewind? It’s much more than the bill – keep reading to find out more.


Perhaps the biggest cost of a motor rewind or repair is the potential downtime that it causes. If the breakdown comes unexpectedly, a repair or rewind will almost certainly result in downtime unless a spare motor is available; but even this will take some time to be properly installed and set up.

Lost Business

If your business loses its electric motor and your operation slows down or ceases altogether, you may struggle to provide customers with your product or service. At this point, taking on new orders or customers is unfeasible.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Customers become easily frustrated when their product or service is not delivered within agreed timeframes, particularly if their operation is reliant on yours.

If you supply products or services to other businesses, downtime or failure to fulfil orders can result in lost contracts.

On the other hand, if you supply products or services directly to customers, failure to deliver can result in refunding of orders, a tarnished reputation and negative online reviews.

Low Staff Morale

There’s not a lot worse than being unable to do your job whilst at work. When motors fail and work can’t be carried out, staff can be left with nothing to do, lowering productivity or forcing them to take time off; both of which can lower morale and increase turnover of staff.

So, what’s the Solution?

The solution to unplanned motor failure lays in regular, routine preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance not only prevents the risk of unexpected breakdown, but also ensures your motor is running optimally based on the requirements of your operation.

At Mawdsleys, our scheduled maintenance contracts include:

  • 24/7 Nationwide emergency breakdown priority response.
  • Routine visits from one of our expert engineers to carry out routine checks and any necessary repairs to your electric motor.
  • Fixed price for the duration of your contract for complete peace of mind.

Case Study – Food Manufacturer 

When one of the main conveyors of a food processing plant ceased to work, the entire business slowed down. The issue was caused by a worn carbon brush within the DC motor, something that is easily prevented with proper routine maintenance.

Fortunately, Mawdsleys were on hand to assist and one of our engineers was on site within 60 minutes, the issue was rectified the same day.

Food manufacturing plant

Read Full Case Study

Can We Do Anything In-house?

There are certain regular checks you can carry out in-house to prevent unexpected breakdown. We recommend the responsible person has a basic knowledge of electric motors. Some common checks you can carry out include:

  • Assess the general condition of the motor, take note of any broken parts and clear any build up of residues such as oil, grease and rust.
  • Assess the motor’s commutator for any damage such as burning, threading or grooving.
  • Monitor any excessive noise or vibration from the motor.
  • Monitor the condition of the carbon brushes within your motor. Any build-up of carbon dust should be cleared. If carbon brush is present, it can be a sign that your brush has worn.
  • Ensure the motor is firmly attached to the base, a loose base can be a sign of a worn frame or excessive noise and vibration.
  • Assess coils and bearing to ensure they are properly fixed.

If you do notice any issues developing within your motor, call a professional to come and inspect it sooner rather than later.

Mawdsleys Preventative Maintenance Plans

At Mawdsleys, we understand that if you rely on an electric motor to power your business, downtime isn’t an option. If you’re experiencing failure or underperformance within your motor, or want to find out more about how a preventative maintenance plan could benefit your business, we can help.

Give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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