What Repairs Can be Done to Keep Special Motors Running

The decision to repair or replace a failed motor is usually made by the Customer based on the costs and availability of a new unit.

For a commercial grade motor this is a straightforward process as availability is not an issue, however for special motors, extensive repair work may be the only feasible option.

Here are some of the types of work that we are frequently undertaking from our Bristol Workshop:

Shafts Minor Damage

minor shaft damage - motor repairs Mawdsleys Bristol

If the bearing seatings or other shaft diameters are worn / damaged, then a process of chrome plating followed by a re-grind of the surfaces is carried out.

In this instance, it looks as though the equipment mounted onto the shaft has been pulled off without sufficiently loosening the grub screw.

Shafts Major Damage

major shaft damage - motor repairs Mawdsleys Bristol

If the shaft is running out of alignment or has severe damage, then a new shaft will be required.

The drive end keyway of this motor has been damaged beyond repair and requires replacement. We can undertake the removal and remanufacture of any motor shaft.

Worn Bearing Housings

damaged bearing housing - motor repairs Mawdsleys Bristol

In certain circumstances, the bearing housing bores can become worn or damaged.

We are able to correct this by boring the bearing housing and fitting a new machined bush to the required size.

Corroded Drive End Flanges

corroded drive end flanges - motor repairs Mawdsleys Bristol

In poor environments, corrosion will occur. Our overhaul procedures includes for removal of corrosion by shot blasting, and if required, machining back to base metal.

For this motor, the drive end flange will require a weld and re-machine process to maintain the original dimensions.

How can we Help You?

We have experience in the re-manufacture of all parts required to complete a full refurbishment and bring any motor back to ‘as new’ condition. Call us on 0117 955 2481 for further advice and help.

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