Mawdsleys Proud To Be Working On The New Frigates

At Mawdsleys, we’ve been busy carrying out work on one of the long awaited Global Combat Ships. The first ship is estimated to be completed by 2023 and will serve the Navy to the middle of the century.

 The new ships are set to eventually replace the previous frigates which were first originally commissioned in 1989 to deal with soviet threats but proved useful in a range of different tours throughout the years.  Read more to find out about the new frigates set to be commissioned and how Mawdsleys assisted in their construction.

The royal Navy Type 23 Frigate

Work We Carried Out On The New Frigate

Whilst we can’t go into in-depth specifics as to the construction process of the new frigates, the work we carried out centred around the manufacture and distribution of the AC motors that are coupled to the pumping systems used within the vessels.

Electric Motor rewind and repair

We worked closely with other manufacturers involved in the building process to ensure that the AC motors were designed to the exact specification needed, working to necessary standards and providing a full mechanical drawing for approval prior to the manufacturing process.

electric ac induction machine

Defence standards play a key role in how the process of repair, testing or manufacture of a product must be carried out. Due to an increasing amount of contracts in these industries we now have a team of engineers dedicated to servicing the requirements of these sectors – working to defence standard issue 21.


How The New Frigate Compares To The Current Type-23

The new frigate will be expected to deal missions across all royal navy operations including, combat situations, counter-piracy and humanitarian relief as part of a British or collation task group or on its own. Whilst the below specifications deem the ships similar in size and speed, the new frigate will have advanced weaponry, sonar technologies and a flight deck capable of accommodating helicopters and other small aircraft up to the size of RAF Chinooks.

  New Frigate (Estimations) Type 23
Displacement (tonnes) 6,900 4,900
Length (m) 149.9 133
Beam (m) 20.8 16
Speed (kn) 28+ (32mph) 28+ (32mph)
Range 7,000 nautical miles 7,500 nautical miles
Personel 118 185

Other Industries We Serve

In addition to our exciting work with Naval and Marine builds, we do a lot of work for a number of sectors including ports, docks and harbours; whether it’s new equipment or carrying out routine maintenance and repairs on existing equipment. Ranging from dockside cranes, travel and hoist motors and machines responsible for moving and lifting good around the site.

 Our client list ranges from small dockyards, to some of the largest industrial ports and harbours in the UK – take a look at a case study for some of the work we carried out for one of the UK’s largest importing/exporting ports, providing a timely, cost effective and lasting solution.

Specialist AC and DC Motor Manufacturers

At Mawdsleys, we manufacture bespoke AC and DC motors to your exact requirements in house, meaning we can keep waiting times down to a minimum. In addition to this, we offer motor rewinds in repairs in house on a national basis across a range of industries – if you require an AC/DC motor or you are experiencing underperformance with your current motor give us a call on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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