Traction Motor Repair

Traction motors play one of the most important roles in the rail industry – it is essential they are well maintained and kept in good working order to prevent underperformance or unexpected breakdowns.

Mawdsleys has many years’ experience in the rail industry, offering emergency repairs, fault finding services, rewinds and overhauls on all types of AC and DC traction motors, generators and associated equipment.

In addition to our repair and rewind service, we have the capabilities in-house design and manufacture bespoke motors to your specific requirements.

Common Problems With AC and DC Traction Motors

Traction motors are made to and subject to frequent high torque loads, withstanding this load on a regular basis can affect components of the motor; some of the more common problems we find with client traction motors include:

Mawdsleys Traction Motor Overhaul Process

Once we take receipt of a motor for overhaul, we undertake a number of tests to ensure the motor is performing at its best, our standard traction motor overhaul process is as follows:

Fully Equipped In-house Workshop

We understand the pressure to keep costs and downtime to a minimum in the rail industry, so preventative, routine maintenance is recommended.

Our fully equipped in-house workshop allows us to competently carry out comprehensive fault investigation, repairs, rewinds or complete overhauls of AC and DC traction motors whilst ensuring the safety and longevity of your equipment.

Our workshop is equipped with curing ovens, overhead cranes, grit-blasting facilities, balancing equipment, noise and vibration testing equipment, rewinding department and a fully-equipped machine stop; allowing us to offer one of the best traction motor services in the industry.

Traction Motor Spares

In addition to our rewind and repair service, we hold stock to a huge range of spare and replacement motor parts suitable for traction motors including carbon brushes, slip rings, mechanical seals, brush rings, bearings and more; we are also able to either repair or manufacture several traction motor components including:

Talk To The Experts

If you want to reduce the risk of an unexpected breakdown disrupting your fleet, we can help. We work to Mawdsleys Quality Standards ISO9001:2008 in accordance with British International Test Standards to ensure the repair can withstand the most serious environmental conditions.

Give one of our expert team a call today on 0117 955 2481 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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