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In-house Balancing Service now available to outside Customers

Following a recent upgrade, our in-house balancing machine has now been made available as a service to outside Customers. With a length range from 300 mm (between centres) and weights to over 200 kgs, the balancing machine is ideal for a wide range of components such as;

Balancing a DC Armature

As a rotating machines repairer, we are used to balancing a variety of parts before they are re-assembled. Our expertise is in both standard and high specification equipment where balancing to super-precision levels is critical to the correct operation of the machine.

We can offer a 1-off or larger quantity contract balancing service to suit your requirements. If you have a component that requires balancing then please give us a call on 0117 955 2481 to discuss.

Watch our video below to see our balancing service in action:

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