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A new customer contacted us urgently requiring carbon brushes. They wanted to order four different types of brush, but although they had samples, they were unable to identify the grade. They also had a worn slip ring which was beyond repair – but the original manufacturer was no longer trading…

Enter our skilled team. Within 48 hours we had identified the brush grade and fixing, and managed to source new ones, all from the same supplier which saves the client time and money. A new slip ring was manufactured using the damaged one as a template – again, within the agreed timescale.

The customer comments:

“[The work was for] a time sensitive client as they are part of the London Underground Network. We were extremely pleased that Mawdsleys were able to identify the grade quickly and supplied the relevant brushes… Mawdsleys was able to deliver everything they promised which meant we were able to hit our customer’s deadlines, which is what we look for in a supplier.”

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