COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact Assessment

MawdsleysBER is putting additional precautionary measures in place to ensure that we are playing our part in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and to ensure that we can maintain our complete range of services to all of our clients.

We have reviewed government advice and have adopted a three-stage approach to our planning which can be summarised as ‘Prevention, Restriction, and Continuity’.


In order to prevent Mawdsleys staff being exposed to the risk of infection by Corona Virus / Covid 19, we have taken the decision to stop all non-essential international travel and implemented an absolute restriction on travel to areas with significant levels of infection.

In addition, we have requested that staff notify their managers of any personal travel arrangements, particularly if this means travelling to areas with an elevated risk of infection.

We have provided our staff with information regarding the actions to take to avoid infection such as handwashing etc and have reviewed our internal cleaning and housekeeping processes to reduce the risk of person to person infection within our laboratories.

Where appropriate, we are now restricting staff travel to business meetings and are requesting that where feasible visits to our site also be conducted via skype or telephone wherever possible.


In order to reduce the spread of the virus within our business we have provided our staff with information to allow them to spot the early signs of infection by Corona Virus / Covid 19 and have requested that if there is any reasonable reason to believe that they have contracted the disease or have been exposed to an infected person, that they seek medical advice and self-isolate from the work environment until they do not present any risk of infection to their colleagues.

We are reviewing our absence from work polices and taken steps to enable, so far as possible, people to take the option of working from home or adopting alternative working arrangements to facilitate this.


While we are not experiencing any problems as yet, we are in the process of developing continuity plan for our business in the event that we have significant level of staff absent from work either though illness and the need to self-isolate, or due to the need to care for dependents in the event of school closures etc.

We are undertaking a risk assessment for the business and are developing a plan for areas  most at risk of continuity problems should widespread Corona Virus / Covid 19 infections occur.

In addition we are working with our key suppliers to ensure that they are also developing continuity plans for this eventuality.


We appreciate that the situation is developing rapidly and consequently we will keep our plans under constant review. We will post any major updates to the policy on our website – www.mawdsleysber.co.uk as and when they occur.

I hope that this provides you with some reassurance that Mawdsleys BER Limited is taking the necessary steps to ensure continuity of service.

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